Our Story

With almost ten years experience in the field of building and evolving careers, Alex James Bespoke Careers is the newest premier destination in Australia for superior recruitment. 

As every professional retailer knows, the most crucial step in creating a successful business is to have the very best staff, in the right roles. Alex James is committed to attracting and placing the top talent in the field of luxury retail. As much as we are here for the benefit of our clients, we are also interested in you, the candidate. We want to hear your story. We understand your needs, and your expectations, and can expertly define your personal strengths. We know how to ask the pertinent questions in order to find the perfect role for you. 


Alex James is committed to championing our talent, and feel strongly that it is our job to represent you - perhaps even better than you can represent yourself. Our top tier clients demand that their potential employees have a global level of professionalism and expertise, and we are committed to identifying these attributes, nurturing and furthering them. The best of all possible outcomes is that our candidates are placed in a role where they can perform and shine. 

At Alex James we look for quality, integrity and longevity. These are our long term business goals-just as they are yours. Our interpretation of bespoke recruiting means that we will work with you, and for you, to make what may have seemed like a previously unattainable career become entirely possible. We set the benchmark high, and we discover the outstanding.

As part of the Alex James Bespoke Careers service, we provide expert guidance and feedback on the all important things you want to know before an interview. The include areas of interview skills and personal presentation. 

Areas of focus include: 

  • How to construct a superior CV
  • Guidance on grooming, presentation and business etiquette 
  • Interview preparation and rehearsal 

We are committed to training and placing candidates in the appropriate roles in order to build a long and fulfilling career in the area of luxury. There are many ways to the top, and we will help you find the clearest, most advantageous route.